Welcome to: Firehouse Milonga

Firehouse Tango is a cooperative venture, run by dancers for dancers. Our goal is to collectively provide an environment in which everyone who joins us has the chance to dance Tango, to meet other people who dance Tango, and generally to have a really wonderful time.


We are frequently asked what makes the Firehouse Milonga so special.  What gives it the magic? How do we manage to sustain the warmth?  Of course, the answer is the people.  We have always attracted a diverse group of warm, positive, happy folks who come week after week to dance, socialize, eat and have a great time. Even as our following grows dramatically, we somehow manage to maintain the warm, friendly and intimate environment. 

Our Milonga compares favorably with the best in New York and we invite New Yorkers to discover that the George Washington Bridge goes West as well as East (Maywood is only about ½ hour from New York).

Our wood floor is fabulous for dancing.  Extraordinarily upbeat people, women and men, singles and couples alike are very comfortable asking each other to dance and whatever your level or ability, you will find many willing and compatible partners. 


Our music is the best, primarily tango, some waltz and Milonga, and a little Latin and swing for variety. You’ll usually find a few folks gathered at the bar or sitting around, taking a short break from dancing, enjoying wine, food, and congenial conversation.


Join us Every Thursday at the Maywood Columbian Club for an evening of Argentine Tango with a sprinkling of Latin and Swing.

Group Lesson:

7:00PM - 8:00PM

Milonga (Friendliest Tango Crowd):

8:00PM - 11:15PM

At $25 for the lesson and Milonga. Dress varies; no one wears jeans or formal, but you’ll find everything in between.  If you have not yet been to our Milonga, we invite you to enjoy this unique and wonderful experience.

Maywood Columbian Club Hall (15 minutes from GWB)

105 Grove Avenue

Maywood, New Jersey 07607

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Terri Lopez-Beauchamp
Hostess & Organizer
Home: 845.620.1261
Cell: 845.270.1201
E-mail: authorhlb@gmail.com