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September 21,  2017 Newsletter


Jewish New Year Dinner Milonga September 28
Jewish New Year Dinner Milonga September 28th


As is our tradition during Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, some of our tangueros judeos will bring traditional holiday food for our Firehouse friends Thursday, September 28th..  You don't have to be Jewish to contribute and it's not too late,  so let me know if you'd like to make something.  Just send an e mail to 

The schedule for the evening will be as normal, including dinner (traditional and spectacular), lessons, and dancing.

Here is what we have so far for this ethnic feast (You will note that there are some honorary Jews among the contributors):

Sue Dallon           brisket, carrots, potatoes string beans 

                               Apples and honey from Joe's bees

Mike Porro         Salad with bitter herbs

Judy Assisi         Drunken fruit

Marion Levine    Salt Noodle Kugel

Eva Roth                Lamb stew

Lucille Krasne        Sweet Noodle kugel

Georgina Blitzer    Kasha varnishkas (bowtie noodles and buckwheat                                             groats)   and honey cake

George Ngo         Chopped liver  
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Next Thursday - Birthday of Ceferino

Ceferino, our dear friend from Buenos Aires, will be back next week to celebrate his birthday with us.

If heaven is anything like celebrating one’s birthday at Firehouse Tango, it has a lot to recommend it.  Frankly, I’d rather be at Firehouse.  Thank you lovely tangueras, for a birthday memory I shall cherish.  Con mucho amore,
                                                                Steve Turi

I keep saying I do not want to celebrate any more birthdays, but how many men will line up to dance with me, if not for the traditional tributes on birthdays.....oh  well, you know that is not really true because our tanqueros dance with all of the ladies...
                                                                Terri Lopez
Recognition of Terri Lopez - November 12, 2017

Cortinas on Demand

I'm waiting for more suggestions for cortinas.  Let me know if you have some favorite non tango music, and I will try to play it. This week's cortinas were for Frank Sinatra,  Next week, I will play Jewish themed Cortinas for our holiday Milonga.

A cortina (curtain) is a short piece (20–60 seconds) of non-dance music that is played between tandas at a milonga (tango dance event). The cortina lets the dancers know that the tanda has ended. The partners can then without insult thank each other and return to their own tables, to find a new dance partner at the next tanda. Cortinas are used at many of the milongas in Argentina and Uruguay but are increasingly common elsewhere- Wikipedia


Let us know if you are celebrating an occasion and would like to request special music for that night’s cortinas.  We will try very hard to accommodate you.  ​
Reader's Corner
 We welcome readers' contributions about Argentine Tango in general and Firehouse Tango in particular. Send your thoughts to  We welcome readers' contributions about Argentine Tango in general and Firehouse Tango in particular. Send your thoughts to

Tango Tip of the week
Hi everyone, Fran here with your Tango Tip of the Week. If I ask leaders what they consider their number one problem on the social dance floor, most would immediately respond: “Followers who can’t follow!” If I ask followers the same question, they would usually counter with — you guessed it — “Leaders who can’t lead!”


He said, she said.


Although, personally, I would never be so quick to blame my partner for problems we experience in dancing together, most leaders seem to feel no compunction whatever in blaming their follower for anything and everything that goes wrong. At the same time — sadly — most followers tend to make the a priori assumption that somehow they must be to blame. And the result is that on dance floors all over America today, one witnesses men imperiously pointing out to women what they’re doing wrong (usually beginning their admonitions with phrases such as “You were supposed to …”), while women stand by sheepishly, nodding in silent acquiescence.


What, may I ask, ladies and gentlemen, is all this about?


In any event — without pointing the finger at either leaders or followers — I think that the vast majority of difficulties people encounter in social Tango today can be directly attributed to a misuse of the lead/follow mechanism. Which means that the idea of “she can’t lead, he can’t follow” is relevant, but not as an occasion for gratuitous ad hominem attacks emanating from either camp.


I’m not going to redefine the entire lead/follow mechanism right here — an essential skill set you MUST, MUST, MUST discover, understand, and master through the ongoing expert guidance of your knowledgeable, indispensable, enlightened teacher. However, I would like to enumerate specific difficulties, which are more likely to be found among one group rather than the other.


A very specific stumbling block for followers is what we’ll refer to as anticipation — initiating, or attempting to initiate, a movement, which hasn’t been led.


For leaders, a major difficulty is assumption, the conviction that something has indeed been properly led, when, in fact, it hasn’t.


We’re going to begin exploring these problems next week. And, of course, we’ll also be discussing a challenge, which both leaders and followers have in common: balance.


In the meantime, please try to stop casting blame for difficulties, which occur on the dance floor. Social Tango, as you no doubt realize by now, calls for a difficult, demanding, and often-illusive discipline in order to make it work. Only when leaders start to focus on their own problems, and let follows worry about theirs can we all start to feel better about taking this complex — but ultimately very rewarding — journey of discovery together.


More next week.

Saturdays with Fran and Pat at Dardo Galletto Studios
Please join us for our Saturday Practica at Dardo Galletto Studios, 151 West 46th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues), 11th floor; 2-4pm, $10 per person. (Bringing a partner isn't necessary.) Pat and I will both be on hand to answer any questions you may have about your dancing, and to help you with material you're working on. Plus you get a new “must-have” tango move each week! If you’d like a private lesson, you can visit our website at, call Fran directly at 212-662-7692, or email him at Join us on Facebook
Welcome to the Golden Age of American Social Dance
Announcing a New Class in American Social Dance

with Fran Chesleigh and Pat Altman


Pat and I invite you to our all new initiative, the American Social Dance Project,
an ongoing series of weekly classes, beginning with



Concentrating on authentic
American Foxtrot, Triple Swing and Salsa


Monday, October 2, 2017

8:00 p.m

Studios 353

353 West 48th Street

(between 8th and 9th Avenues)

2nd floor, Studio 3


In America, we have a very long and rich social dance tradition, which includes progressive dances like Foxtrot and Waltz as well as various forms of Swing and Hustle, and a full range of “Latin” styles like Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Merengue, Rumba and Samba. Over the past several decades, our unique American social dance tradition has been all but completely replaced by a hybrid of International competitive dance, often called “American Standard.”


We think that now is the time to rediscover the world of authentic American social dance!


Ø Class One of our American Social Dance Project concentrates on authentic
American Foxtrot, Triple Swing, and Salsa.


Ø Now, you have the opportunity to learn these dances the way they’re supposed
to be done on the social dance floor!


Ø In the near future, we’ll be offering a variety of additional classes in other
dances in the authentic American tradition.



Don’t miss it!

Register online: $25 per person at
Checks and cash accepted at the door.
All levels welcome. No refunds. No exchanges.

Upcoming September Events

Simply Social Dancing 

Latin Night at La Havana 59

Tuesday, September 26th  
7:00 to 10:00 pm

Mostly Salsa and Argentine Tango... some Bachata, Merengue, Rumba, & Cha Cha.
A Latin evening for those who enjoy Latin music, food, and dancing!
An Argentine Tango lesson to start (for all level dancers).

$20.00 cover includes 2 house drinks or 1 drink & 1 Latin Night appetizer

For more information call Lisa 201 694 7087

Salsa & Tango classes on Tuesday night in Hackensack.

Grand Milonga Hudson Dance Studios 

Start your Fall with this Exciting Tango event! Not to be missed!!! 
Guillermina Quiroga and Mariano Logiudice
are returning to #Edgewater#NJ on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd!


8.15pm-9pm: Workshop
9pm-12am: Milonga Party with DJ & Dance Performances by 
Zoya Altmark, Ninah Beliavsky and Matthew Liam Otoole!

Hudson Members: $20
Non-members: $30



Ksenia Jung
Business Manager
Hudson Dance Studio Edgewater

Hudson Dance Studio - where DANCE
becomes your LIFESTYLE! 

Check out our website:
Follow us on Facebook: Hudson Dance Studio Edgewater
Follow us on Instagram: hudsondancestudio
Follow us on Twitter: @HudsonDances
Events September and October




Simply Social Dancing Events September and October_____________
Latin Night at La Havana 59
110 Moonachie Ave, Moonachie NJ  
Tuesday, September 26th & October 24th
7:00 to 10:00 pm
Mostly Salsa and Argentine Tango... some Bachata, Merengue, Rumba, & Cha Cha.
A Latin evening for those who enjoy Latin music, food, and dancing!
An Argentine Tango lesson to start (for all level dancers).
$20.00 cover includes 2 house drinks or 1 drink & 1 Latin Night appetizer
For reservations and directions:
201 964 9515

Biagio's Restaurant for Dinner & Dance
299 Paramus Rd,  Paramus  NJ
Sunday, October 15th
6:00 to 9:00 pm

A mix of music for all types of partner dancing.
This is a good place to invite new dancers and friends.
A beginner dance lesson to start off the night.
$35.00 for dinner and dancing (includes tip) / Cash bar
For this event, reservations are very important. 
It allows our host to prepare the room and enough food!
For reservations and directions:
201 652 0201
All Classes will be held at the CMDE Studio

CMDE Studio in Hackensack.
84 Euclid Ave, Hackensack  NJ    07601
This site will provide directions to the studio:

Lisa Skates
Simply Social Dancing
201 694 7087






Our cancelation policy - We STILL rarely cancel



Even though we had to cancel once this year because of a blizzard, we still rarely cancel!

We want to remind everyone that if the weather looks really bad, we will leave messages on our web site and my cell phone 201-826-6602. Feel free to leave a message.


We cancel only when absolutely necessary (only about eight or nine times in all these years - including, unfortunately, the Thursday that I was in Florida, but please check whenever you're not sure. If there isn't any message, we're on.

During Hurricane Sandy, when we had only cell phone service, I was able to leave a message on my cell, so I guess that the best number to call is 201-826-6602.




A final thank you

The following folks helped set up, break down and clean up before and after the milonga. Without them, there would be no Firehouse Tango.

  • Steve Turi
  • Lynn Gross


And of course, without Terri Lopez and Steve Turi  we would have to close up shop.


A reminder that Firehouse Tango does not supply wine - Your fellow tangueros bring it. Therefore, if you drink it, please make sure to bring a bottle every so often.

The folks below brought food and wine this week  -
  • No food brought at Maywood Inn

And these people brought wine 
  • No wine brought at Maywood Inn

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